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Recently, I have been toying around with Wikidot features and trying to add new implementations that can further enhance this site.

There was that simple Blogging system that was added in a while ago. And today, I am finally able to make my tags work and behold; an self-updating Trait List section! Hahaha~

The forum has been given an overhaul too. You can now access it directly using the same account as it is on this wiki. Granted, the new forum looks rather boring in appearances, but I will try to spice things up a little another time.

Oh, and the three current members (Zelfi, kaitokun86, odoriko) have been promoted from member to moderator status. This is a step necessary for something else I have in store for the future.
Moderators, please check if you can still edit pages as per normal, and leave an affirmation comment here.

For future plans, I intend to build a dynamic member list section, as compared to the static version currently on this site.
And as Zelfi requested before, there are plans for an improved site search engine. I will have to look around the wikidot community for tips on how to go about work them out.

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