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For those who are interested, there have been some additions to this site.

First up, membership is now made much easier. Before, any registering member must first seek approval from the site admin. Now, membership will be given immediately after registering. So, please do register; it is free after all! All of those unsightly advertisements will be removed as long as you remain logged in as a member.

To add on, all members can now edit any existing card pages on this site. So if you see an error in ability effect or even in the flavor text (ability name), then please feel free to correct them. Do lend your help to this wiki by making its information as accurate as possible!

Lastly, comment boxes have been added onto every card pages. You will need to log in as a member to comment though.
Drop any message that is relevant to the card you are commenting on, that you wish other people to see. The top 5 most recent comments made will be displayed on this wiki's frontpage, below the "Card of the Day" corner.

Thank you for your continuous support. Go Victory Spark~!

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