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As some may be aware of, the members of this site will be preoccupied with their personal affairs for a duration of time. Zelfi will be away for 2 weeks, kaitokun for an indefinite time, and odoriko is busy with his job and etc.

And as for me, I have just started my first day of school term today. Things will get a little busier, but not too worry, the site will still continue, if a bit of a slower pace than before.

I am still trying to get things complete for Dragon Mag/Age (and Flag of Blue Sky), then move on to finishing those untranslated random PRs. Mayoi Neko Overrun! booster will be taken care of by Zelfi, and unfortunately for SvsM, translations will be on hold till kaitokun returns.

Hopefully before the end of this month, I hope to complete my own assigned task, and quickly move on to building up the Rules section, and reformat all existing cards' templates (tons of loose ends around).

Come August, there should be a slightly improved feel to this site. Don't hold your breath for it though!

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