BLR/010 Instructor Marius

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English: Instructor Marius - Warror Who Is Too Serious
JPN: 教育係 マリウス - 生真面目な戦士
Partner: BLR/006 Aricia - Aristocrat
Series: Blue Roses -Fairy and Blue-eyed Warriors- Rarity: R
Gender: Male Level: 2
Attack: 2500 Defense: 5000
Ability 1:
[Do you have the resolution to join Blue Rose and fight with Phantom?]

[Spark] (Auto) Choose up to one card in your retire or waiting room with "Aricia" in its name and choose the same number of cards in your bench. Swap the chosen cards.

【スパーク】【自】 あなたは自分の、リタイヤ置場か控え室の名前に"アリシア”を含むカードを1枚まで選び、自分のベンチのカードを同じ枚数選ぶ。それらのカードを入れ替える。

Traits: Blue
Ability 2:
Traits: - -

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