BLR/023 Latriss

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English: Latriss - Kind-hearted Fairy
JPN: ラトリス - 心優しい妖精
Partner: BLR/024 Cool Young Boy Roche - Delivery Boy
Series: Blue Roses -Fairy and Blue-eyed Warriors- Rarity: R
Gender: Female Level: 1
Attack: 2500 Defense: 4500
Ability 1:
[You are really and idiot]

[Startup] (Bench) [Choose 5 cards in your energy and send them to your waiting room] → This ability can only be used once per turn. If your ring has this card's partner and your retire is more than your opponent's retire, choose your opponent's ring card and send it to your opponent's retire.

【起】〔ベンチ〕[あなたのエネルギーを5枚選び、控え室に置く]→ この技は、1ターンにつき1回まで使える。あなたのリングに、このカードのパートナーがいて、あなたのリタイヤが相手より多いなら、相手のリングのカードを選び、相手のリタイヤ置場に置く。

Traits: Fairy 妖精
Ability 2:
Traits: - -

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