CB/048 Ayanokouji Udo the 51st

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English: Ayanokouji Udo the 51st - Master of Delivery
JPN: 綾小路 宇土51世 - 風追配達人
Partner: CB/012 Alice Carroll - Cool & Passionate
Series: ARIA Rarity: C
Gender: Male Level: 2
Attack: 3000 Defense: 4000
Ability 1:
[In the ocean of the sky, those of us up there are like fishes]

[Auto] When this card is played from Hand to Bench, choose up to 1 «Wind» card from your Waiting Room, and put it in your Hand.

【自】 このカードが手札からベンチに置かれた時、あなたは自分の控え室の《風》を1枚まで選び、自分の手札に戻す。

Traits: Fairy 妖精, Wind
Ability 2:
Traits: - -

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