GS/050 Hidaka Yakumo

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English: Hidaka Yakumo - Hokkaido Representative
JPN: 日高 八雲 - 北海道代表
Partner: GS/051 Saeki Sera - Hiroshima Representative
Series: Marriage Royale Rarity: U
Gender: Female Level: 2
Attack: 3000 Defense: 5500
Ability 1:
[I do not want anyone to disturb me. This is what I ask for from others]

[Auto] (Ring) When this card is being attacked, if your Retire is equal or more than your opponent's Retire, and your opponent's Ring is «Older Brother» or «Lady», that attack's damage will become 0.

【自】〔リング〕 このカードがアタックされた時、あなたのリタイヤが相手以上で、相手のリングに《兄》か《お嬢様》がいるなら、そのアタックのダメージは0になる。

Traits: Lady お嬢様, Dark 闇
Ability 2:
Traits: - -

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