GS/T13 Ani

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English: Ani - Older Brother
JPN: 兄 - 兄
Partner: -
Series: Sister Princess Rarity: TD
Gender: Male Level: 4
Attack: 4000 Defense: 6000
Ability 1:
[Older Brother's day]【お兄ちゃんの日】

[Auto] (Bench) At the beginning of your attack phase, you declare 1 Title. During that turn, the declared Title is added to this card.

【自】〔ベンチ〕 あなたのアタックフェイズの始めに、あなたは称号を1つ宣言する。そのターン中、宣言した称号を、このカードに追加する。

Traits: Older Brother 兄, -
Ability 2:
[12 younger sisters]【12人の妹達】

[Auto] (Hand) When the card in your Ring, which partner's name includes "Ani" (兄) is being attacked, you may send this card to Waiting Room. If 1 or more card is discarded, that attack will be Partner Block.


Traits: Older Brother 兄, -

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