MO/058 Manservant Takumi

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English: Manservant Takumi - Stray Cats
JPN: 下僕の巧 - ストレイキャッツ
Partner: MO/025 Poolside Chise - Beautiful Young Girl
Series: Mayoi Neko Overrun! Rarity: C
Gender: Male Level: 3
Attack: 3500 Defense: 6500
Ability 1:
[Yo,……what happened?]

[Spark] (Auto) If your bench has 3 or more <Snack>, draw a card.

【スパーク】【自】 あなたのベンチの《お嬢様》が3枚以上なら、あなたは1枚引く。

Traits: Snack お菓子, Little Brother
Ability 2:
Traits: - -

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