SG/028 Koubu-F2

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English: Koubu-F2 - Coquelicot's machine
JPN: 光武F2 - コクリコ機
Partner: SG/014 Coquelicot - Magical Angel
Series: Sakura Taisen Rarity: U
Gender: - Level: 1
Attack: 2500 Defense: 7000
Ability 1:
[Cat-kitten-cat, and I choose this one! Then, here goes~! Magique Petit Chat!]


Traits: Magic 魔法, -
Ability 2:
[The Koubu stopped moving!?]【光武が止まっちゃった!?】

[Continuous] (Ring) When there is no "Coquelicot" on your Bench, this card cannot attack.

【永】〔リング〕 あなたのベンチに「コクリコ」がいないなら、このカードはアタックできない。

Traits: Steam 蒸気 -

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