SG/040 Fujieda Ayame

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English: Fujieda Ayame - Imperial Assault Force Vice-commander
JPN: 藤枝 あやめ - 帝国華撃団副司令
Partner: SG/039 Yoneda Ikki - Imperial Assault Force Commander
Series: Sakura Taisen Rarity: C
Gender: Female Level: 3
Attack: 3000 Defense: 6000
Ability 1:
[I have expectations of you. Stand firm, Mr Oogami]

[Continuous] (Bench) For "Sakura Taisen" cards in your Ring with "Machine" in their Title, ignore the effect of their ability that is both [Continuous] and with «Steam» trait.


Traits: Military 軍, Older Sister
Ability 2:
[Get rid of it] 【殺女】

[Continuous] (Bench) This card's ability cannot be changed.

【永】〔ベンチ〕 このカードは技によって修整されない。

Traits: Demon 魔, -

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