SG/068 Clalaclan & Caris

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English: Clalaclan & Caris - Rose Chevalier
JPN: クララクラン&カリス - 薔薇のシュバリエ
Partner: SG/068 Clalaclan & Caris - Rose Chevalier
Series: Shining Wind Rarity: U
Gender: Male/Female Level: 1
Attack: 500 Defense: 3000
Ability 1:
[Caris: You have shown to become strong by not being defeated by older brother]

[Auto] When this card enters the Ring, you may choose 1 <Older Brother> from your Retire yard, and until the end of your opponent's turn, add that card's printed attack/defense power to this card's attack/defense.

【自】 このカードがリングに置かれた時、あなたは自分のリタイヤ置場の《兄》を1枚まで選び、相手のターンの終わりまで、そのカードに書かれた攻撃力/防御力を、このカードの攻撃力/防御力に足す。

Traits: Younger Sister 妹, Younger Brother
Ability 2:
Traits: - -

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