SG/074 Xecty Ein

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English: Xecty Ein - Baelgard's Artificial Being
JPN: ゼクティ・アイン - ベイガルドの人造生命体
Partner: SG/076 Traihard - Soul Blade Emperor of Gold
Series: Shining Wind Rarity: C
Gender: Female Level: 1
Attack: 2500 Defense: 4500
Ability 1:
[I am the Sword]

[Continuous] You are allowed to put as many of this card with the same Name and Title in your Deck.

【永】 このカードと同じ名前と称号のカードは、デッキに好きな枚数入れることができる。

Traits: Fairy 妖精, Younger Sister
Ability 2:
[Everything that obstructs my lord's path shall be swept away by my sword…..]


Traits: Weapon 武器, -

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