SG/076 Traihard

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English: Traihard - Soul Blade Emperor of Gold
JPN: トライハルト - 黄金の心剣皇帝
Partner: -
Series: Shining Wind Rarity: C
Gender: Male Level: 4
Attack: 4000 Defense: 8000
Ability 1:
[Come with me. Together we will walk the path of reign]


Traits: Spirit 精神, Leader リーダー
Ability 2:
[It is impossible to manage the world if the person is powerless]
【力なき者どもに この世界の管理は無理だ】

[Cancel] [Startup] (Hand) [Send this card to Waiting Room] → Choose 1 of your opponent's card with an empty ability, and cancel 1 of its [Auto] or [Startup] effect.

【キャンセル】【起】〔手札〕 [このカードを控え室に置く] → あなたは相手の、技効果が空白の技を持つカードの、【自】か【起】の、技を1つ選び、無効化する。

Traits: Spectacles メガネ, Weapon 武器

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