SG/081 Alicia Melchiott

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English: Alicia Melchiott - Scout
JPN: アリシア・メルキオット - 偵察兵
Partner: SG/085 Welkin Gunther - Gallian Hero
Series: Senjou no Valkyria Rarity: RR
Gender: icon_heart.gif Level: 3
Attack: 3500 Defense: 4000
Ability 1:
"With this power….I shall protect everyone!"

[Continuous] (Ring) If there is any named "Alicia" in your retire yard, this card +1000/+2000.


Traits: Military 軍, Heroine ヒロイン
Ability 2:
"Why….my wounds healed…"【なんだろ…傷が治ってく…】

[Auto] (Ring) When an attack directed to this card ends, select 1 card on your opponent's field. Look at your opponent's hand, and if there is a card with the same name and title as the selected card, this card's damage received will be treated as 0.

【自】〔リング〕 このカードへのアタックの終わりに、あなたは相手のフィールドのカードを1枚選ぶ。あなたは相手の手札を見て、選んだカードと同じ名前と称号のカードがいるなら、このカードのダメージを0にする。

Traits: Family 家族, Cooking 料理

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