SG/087 Selvaria Bles

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English: Selvaria Bles - Maximilian's Right-hand Woman
JPN: セルベリア・ブレス - マクシミリアンの懐刀
Partner: SG/086 Maximilian - Empire Army Gallia Opposition General
Series: Senjou no Valkyria Rarity: R
Gender: Female Level: 1
Attack: 2000 Defense: 1000
Ability 1:
[I cannot be taken down] 【私は倒せぬぞ】

[Cancel] [Startup] (Hand) [Send this card to waiting room] → If there is any <Military> in your bench, select 1 of your opponent's Lvl1 [Cancel] ability, and cancel its effect.

【キャンセル】【起】〔手札〕 [このカードを控え室に置く] → あなたのベンチに《軍》がいるなら、あなたは相手のレベル1の【キャンセル】の技を1つ選び、無効化する。

Traits: Military 軍, Weapon 武器
Ability 2:
[Valkyrian's true destructive power…..]

[Spark] [Auto] Select the number of cards on your opponent's field, that is the same as the number of "Senjou no Valkyria" cards in your waiting room, and send them all to his/her waiting room.

【スパーク】【自】 あなたは相手のフィールドのカードを、あなたのリタイヤ置場の『戦場のヴァルキュリア』のカードと同じ枚数選び、相手の控え室に置く。

Traits: Blue 青, Light

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