SG/101 Shinguji Sakura

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English: Shinguji Sakura - Hokushin Ittoo-ryuu Kenjutsu
JPN: 真宮寺 さくら - 北辰一刀流免許皆伝
Partner: -/- Oogami Ichirou - Mr Oogami
Series: Sakura Taisen Rarity: TD
Gender: Female Level: 3
Attack: 2500 Defense: 4000
Ability 1:
[Run, Imperial Flower Assault Force at the speed of light]
【走れ 光速の 帝国華撃団】

[Continuous] (Retire yard) «Flower» in your Ring +500/+0.

【永】〔リタイヤ置場〕 あなたのリングの《花》を+500/+0。

Traits: Flower 花, Weapon 武器
Ability 2:
[Roar, Imperial Flower Assault Force with a shock]
【唸れ 衝撃の 帝 国 華 撃 団】

[Spark] [Auto] Choose 1 «Leader» from your Waiting Room, and place it on your empty Bench slot.


Traits: Military 軍, Heroine ヒロイン

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