No_T026 Sumimura Yoshimori

Yoshimori //- 22nd Head of the Sumimura Family// (Planned) Official card link

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English: 墨村 良守 - 墨村家22代目当主(予定)
JPN: No_T027 Yukimura Tokine - 22nd Head of the Yukimura Family (Planned)
Partner: Kekkaishi
Series: U Rarity: icon_spade.gif
Gender: 1 Level: 2500
Attack: 4500 Defense: "I will make a castle out of candy someday!!"【俺はいつかお菓子の城を作る!!】

[Cancel] [Startup] (Hand) [Send this card to Waiting Room] → Select 1 of your opponent's [Auto] or [Startup], with <Cooking> or <Romance> ability trait, and cancel its effect.

【起動】〔手札〕[このカードを控え室に置く] → あなたは相手の【自】か【起】の《料理》技か《ロマンス》技を1つ選び、無効化する。

Ability 1:
Hero ヒーロー, Magic 魔法
Traits: -
Ability 2:
- -

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