No_T030 Makunouchi Ippo

Ippo //- Japan Champion// Official card link

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English: 幕之内 一歩 - 日本王者
JPN: No_T031 Kamogawa Genji - A First-Class Eye
Partner: Hajime no Ippo
Series: C Rarity: icon_spade.gif
Gender: 3 Level: 2000
Attack: 4000 Defense: "Dempsey Roll" 【デンプシー・ロール】

[Auto] (Ring) When this card attacks, if you have more cards on your Retire than your opponent's, that attack will become a Partner Attack.


Ability 1:
Hero ヒーロー, Fighting 格闘
Traits: -
Ability 2:
- -

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