No_T041 Moroboshi Ataru

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English: 諸星 あたる - ガールハント
JPN: No_T042 Miyake Shinobu - Zashiki Warashi
Partner: Urusei Yatsura
Series: C Rarity: icon_spade.gif
Gender: 2 Level: 2500
Attack: 5500 Defense: "Hey you, would you like to have tea with me?" 【ねーきみ、お茶飲まなーい?】

[Continuous] (Hand or Ring) If there is any icon_heart.gif (Female) on your Bench, this card's Level -1.

【永】〔手札かリング〕あなたのベンチにicon_heart.gif がいるなら、このカードのレベルを-1。

Ability 1:
Hero ヒーロー, Desires 煩悩
Traits: -
Ability 2:
- -

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