No_T053 Ajiyoshi Yoichi

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English: 味吉 陽一 - 味っ子
JPN: No_T054 Murata Genjirou - Ajikou
Partner: Mister Ajikko
Series: C Rarity: icon_spade.gif
Gender: 2 Level: 2500
Attack: 4500 Defense: "This is being creative!! This is being a hard-worker!!"
【これが工夫!! これが努力さ!!】

[Spark] [Auto] If there is <Cooking> in your Retire, choose 1 card on your opponent's Field, and send it to his/her Waiting Room.


Ability 1:
Hero ヒーロー, Cooking 料理
Traits: -
Ability 2:
- -

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