FC/024 Renne

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English: Renne - Enforcer No. XV
JPN: レン - 執行者No.XV
Series: Alternative Saga Rarity: C
Gender: Female Level: 2
Attack: 3000 Defense: 2500
Ability 1:

[Spark] [Auto] Choose the number of cards in your opponent's Field, that is the same as the number of cards with title "Alternative Saga" cards in your Retire yard, and send them to his/her Waiting Room.

【スパーク】【自】 あなたは相手のフィールドのカードを、あなたのリタイヤ置場の作品名に“オルタナティブ・サーガ”を含むカードと同じ枚数選び、相手の控え室に置く。

Traits: Weapon 武器, Younger Sister 妹
Ability 2:
Traits: ##, red|##

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