FC/060 Olivier Lenheim

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English: Olivier Lenheim - Rove Musician
JPN: オリビエ・レンハイム - 漂泊の演奏家
Partner: FC/061 Sliver Flash Scherazard - Bracer
Series: Sora no Kiseki Rarity: R
Gender: Male Level: 3
Attack: 2500 Defense: 5000
Ability 1:
[Howling Blade]

[Auto][Bench]When this card does a support attack to a card with "Navigation" Trait, the number of cards in your retire yard is more than your opponent, that attack is a Partner Attack.

【自】〔ベンチ〕 このカードが《導力》をサポートした時、あなたのリタイヤが相手より多いなら、そのアタックはパートナーアタックになる。

Traits: Navigation 導力 , Music 音楽
Ability 2:
Traits: ##, red|##

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