FC/105 Rabi

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English: Rabi - The mysterious Living Thing
JPN: ラッピィ - 謎の生き物
Partner: FC/106 Mona -Part time job
Series: Ys vs Sora No Kiseki Alternative Saga Rarity: TD
Gender: Level: 1
Attack: 2000 Defense: 4000
Ability 1:
[Could you lend me your power?]

[Spark] [Auto] Put one card with the "weapon" trait from your waiting room to your empty bench.

【スパーク】【自】 あなたは自分の控え室の《武器》を1枚選び、自分の空いているベンチに置く

Traits: Magic 魔法 , Mascot マスコット
Ability 2:
Traits: ##, red|##

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