MD/043 Triplets' Father Soujirou

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English: Triplets' Father Soujirou - Marui Family
JPN: 三つ子の父 草次郎 - 丸井家
Partner: MD/042 Muscle Girl Futaba - Marui Family
Series: Mitsudomoe Rarity: R
Gender: Male Level: 4
Attack: 4000 Defense: 7000
Ability 1:
[I am not a pervert!]

[Startup] (Hand) [Choose your entire Hand, and send them to your Waiting Room] → choose 1 card on your Bench which Name includes either "Mitsuba", "Futaba", or "Hitoha". Until the end of the next attack, add the following <Gag> ability:
{ [Parent's Day tomorrow!] [Auto] (Bench) When this card is supporting, set this card to [Stand] position.}

【起】〔手札〕[あなたの手札をすべて選び、自分の控え室に置く]→ あなたは自分のベンチの名前に“みつば”か“ふたば”か“ひとは”を含むカードを1枚選び、次のアタックの終わりまで、以下の《ギャグ》技を追加する。{【明日は授業参観!】【自】〔ベンチ〕 このカードがサポートした時、このカードを【スタンド】する。}

Traits: Gag ギャグ, Father 父
Ability 2:
Traits: ##, red|##

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