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If you are just starting out, you will need the following to play a Sunday vs Magazine (SvsM) or Victory Spark (VS) game:

  • two 50card Deck (preferably a pre-constructed/Trial Deck)
  • an opponent; so he/she can play the second deck

And that's all! A newly purchased VS Trial Deck will come with a paper-folded playmat, similar to the thumbnail image shown above.
It is not necessary to use the playmat for playing, but I always have one with me nevertheless.


If you intend to build a custom deck, you will need to take note of the following rules:

  • Must have no more, or less than 50 cards for a deck
  • No more than 4 copies of the same unique card (Name+Title = card's unique name), unless otherwise stated; such as SG/074 Xecty Ein - Baelgard's Artificial Being
  • As of June 2011, the "Fire" & "Heal" icons were introduced. No more than 4 of each such icons can be in a deck. Refer to here for more details.


The primary objective and winning condition of VS is to get your opponent's Retire yard to 10 cards. To do this, you pit your cards against his/her cards in a Ring battle, and defeating them will send the cards to the owner's Retire.

However, if at any point your Deck reaches 0, you immediately loses the match.


For this simple demonstration, I will be using a SvsM "Love Comedy" trial deck against a VS "SEGA" trial deck.


(1) Before a match begin, you and your opponent will choose a single card from your own Decks and place it on the "Ring" slot, faced-down.
This card can be of any card found in your deck, unless its ability effect bans it from being the starting card. Such as: CB/091 Sagami Takenomaru - Angel's Messenger

(2) When done, shuffle the rest of your deck and place the pile on where the "Deck" slot on your side is.

(3) Decide on which player starts the match first. The standard Bushiroad way is to play a simple rock-paper-scissors, which the winner will be the first player.


(4) Each player draws exactly 5 cards from the top of their own deck. These five cards will be your starting "Hand".
Take note that you are not allowed to perform a change (do-over/mulligan) of starting hand.

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